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Solar Due Diligence

Solar Due Diligence

KCS assesses the techno – commercial risks of a solar energy projects, ensuring an independent evaluation for investors, developers, owners, and other parties to rely upon. We provide financial, technical, and legal due diligence for risk mitigation well in advance.

When investing in or developing major energy projects, you need to understand and mitigate all technical risks, which impact on your bottom line figures before you commit to Renewable Energy Sectoral investment. Financial institutions intending to invest in or acquire a renewable energy project require an independent third party to conduct unbiased due diligence of existing or upcoming renewable energy project specially to identify any potential risks so that risks can be mitigated in time. Our technical due diligence service can help you understand the technical feasibility of your project with a full technical risk review, which in turn addresses your commercial risk as well. To ensure a successful transaction, the project and financial institutions need detailed expertise from independent engineers experienced in solar energy, across the globe. Your search for an institute carrying out independent due diligence end at KCS. Our objective is to generate sustainable cash flow from the operating assets over a project life cycle for our esteemed customers.

What you gain from our due diligence services

We can get you:

  • Evaluate various Technical, Socio-Economic, Environmental, etc. risks and suggest appropriate mitigation plan
  • Identification of Techno – Commercial risks that impacts on your bottom line
  • Evaluate the project feasibility against the investment made or called for
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Deliverables against Due Diligence services

Once we enter into consortium, you accept technical expertise backed up with state of the art resources. Our services ensure critical technical aspects of a project including:

  • Energy production estimation
  • Net production and evaluation of related system and electrical losses involved
  • Equipment and technology involved
  • Life cycle of the equipment & technology
  • Associated Civil and Electrical designs
  • Project schedules and budgets
  • Environmental Impact study
  • Socio-Economic Impact study
  • Cost involved in Operations & Maintenance over entire project life
  • Effective and efficient power evacuation plan and or existing grid sub-station evaluation

Apart from above mentioned points, there are many more deliverables. Our review also includes project site visits, vendor and manufacturers audits, detailed inspection of equipment, construction supervision and monitoring and completion verification. After evaluating all technical information, a set of conclusion and corresponding risk mitigation action items, which are necessary, relevant and mandatory shall be proposed to stakeholders.

Get in touch with us today to find out more on our due diligence services to get the thorough techno – commercial feasibility study of your project with a risk mitigation plan and review.

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